If I didn't run from the camera or hide behind furniture when a camera is within 10 miles, you'd more than likely see me in my painting clothes or some type of "sports mom" shirt.  I'm a pretty simple gal, with a mind that doesn't stop creating, dreaming and wishing and remembering to have Faith!


My mom and I did something years ago that I thought was impossible...we started a business!  It was exciting, lots of work that didn't seem like work and the customers were great and there I was, hooked into the world of retail, but even more so, customer service, which is something I have since learned, is not a common sense thing for everyone, but we'll save that for another day.  Back to the business, well life happened, and we ended up selling that business and my family and I moved to a different city.  9 years later I still run into customers asking me when we are going to open a store again!  What a great feeling!


To make a looooooong drawn out background story short.  My name is Amy Miller.  I am a mother of three.  I am a Licensed Funeral Director by trade, but no longer practice. Again, that's a story for another day, I'm sure at least 10 questions popped into your head  My real job is working at a retirement community with elderly people and enriching their lives. I learn from these people every day, they are amazing!


 I love my day job, but my heart and hands could paint and create all day, every day.  I guess that is called PASSION and it's amazing when you find that passion in life! This is a step to fullfill a dream of having an outlet for my creations.  I hope you enjoy looking...staring...gazing at the computer screen, or better yet, picturing a creation or two or three in your home.  What a huge compliment that would be to me!  Enjoy, I know I do!